About The Weekend Product Manager

The Weekend PM is a biweekly newsletter that features product teardowns of famous SaaS products.

In the era of building and shipping fast, we often forget to account for the inputs of an end-user who’d be spending a ton of time with a product. This results in a gap between the product and the users’ expectations.

The primary goal of ‘The Weekend PM’ is to show the world how would SaaS products look if they’re actually designed based on user inputs.

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It’s free and offers interesting articles and case studies on designing product experiences. Apart from product teardowns, the newsletter will also feature articles on Product Marketing, UX writing, Content Marketing, and so on.

About Me

I’m a published author and a product marketer. I have over six years of experience in SaaS and I’ve worked as a UX writer and a marketer for two billion-dollar SaaS companies in India.

My articles were featured in Hackernoon, The Writing Cooperative, The Startup, and Data-Driven Investor.

I also run another newsletter, Endangered - where I write about things and practices that are becoming endangered.

You can follow me on Twitter, Medium, and also have a look at my personal website (I had to create one. It is useless anyway!)